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Feb. 23rd, 2016 06:50 pm
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Had my tooth removed today at the oral surgeon's office next to the sketchiest post office in town. The post office is full of books about sasquatch and advertisements to shred your documents "to protect your identity".

The oral surgeon's office was full of technologies. They do not eff around there. I had three sensors glued to me (sensors which remain glued to me, despite a hot bath), a blood pressure monitor, a heart monitor, a oxygen tube and an IV of sedation. Oh, and a sort of tiara thing on my head. I actually don't know what it was; quite possibly the assistant put it there to amuse herself and to be entirely sure I was too sedated to care.

I didn't feel very sedated, but I must have been, since the procedure seemed to go swiftly, and I hardly remember even the injection of the local anaesthetic. I do remember the discussion of the cyst they discovered beneath the tooth and the subsequent need for a bone graft, because that sort of thing is difficult not to notice even while sedated. There was some discussion of having to "do the right thing" -- they were worried about the expense to me, I think.

I don't feel groggy now, but I do feel tired and intermittently sore. I didn't fill the prescription for Tylenol 3s because I dislike the experience of codeine, but it might have been a good idea.

Circumstances are such that I have to teach tomorrow morning, which I actually think will be fine, given what feels like complete, if painful, lucidity. I even feel less nervous about teaching than I usually do. Perspective, drugs, whichever. I'll take it.

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