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For some reason, I am watching Brent Spiner's video reel on his website. I followed the link from Twitter in an effort to discover whether it was Really Him.

This is the sort of thing I find myself doing, given the means and the age, after a thirteen-hour day kicking data up a hill.

Small-d data, not Data. I was always fond of Data. I am always fond of the stiffly rational outsider who apparently comes standard issue with any Star Trek posting since the original Mr. S was such a hit. Why ruin a good formula?

Good news about the reading.


Right. It doesn't seem to have been announced here yet*, but it's on June 25th in Vancouver, for those who are in that vicinity, as part of the Robson Reading Series. The good news bit is that there is an honorarium and a travel stipend.

That good news is really just for me. Your good news is, hey, free reading in Vancouver by mopey guys with no children.

This latest dividend will raise my total writing income to date to... $450, plus ferry fare. I'm really very impressed with myself.

Wait, no, about a decade-fifty ago in Prince George I won three coffee table books of art reproductions in successive years of a local writing contest. The first year I came fifth (?) and won two books of Robert Bateman. The next year I came first and won a single volume of somebody else. Then I retired from the field to let the youth have their share of the world's dwindling population of wild animal prints.

Oh, and I was once paid $50 to write a poem for someone's wedding, but I don't think they liked it very much.

Actually, I've made pots of money at this, if you count that essay on the history of currency commissioned by "Susan".

Right, that's the other thing -- first book review out on Sunday. Reading it next to the other reviews gave me some sense of things I ought to have done -- made it more concrete, begun with an interesting trivium, this kind of thing. I hope they give me another.


*Rendering that link moot
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If you happened for some obscure reason to want to have a look at the cover of Nobody's Father, which indeed is that book those kind people are paying me money to be in:

Then here it is. Going to press in September, Dog willing.

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that I'm going to be in the anthology.

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The other kind.

Fiction piece accepted for This Side of West, the university writing students' magazine. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] geniusoutlaws for the submission info. Have to send .doc and .bio.

I did submit to the Geist postcard story contest. (And thanks [livejournal.com profile] argus_in_tights.) I did so at the last possible moment. It's likely that the postmark won't even get me in under. I got it all wrong I'm sure. Terrible in every respect. The reward here is in having made myself do the thing at all.

Anyway I'll get a subscription to Geist out of it. Assuming they cash late cheques.

And I was terribly proactive and made an inquiry about the anthology I submitted to. The editor is an excellent sort who I think won't mind an informal email inquiry after +/- five months.



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