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The details, briefly, are these.

Last week I finally bought my ticket to Seattle for the latest weekend of debauchery.

It was one of those times. You get that weird feeling. The boat will sink? They'll stop me at the border? What is it?

When I checked in, things seemed fine. He was a little disappointed that I wasn't staying until Monday, but then again it turned out that I would have spent all of Sunday helping to decorate his parents' house for X-day. Which, hm. He could have mentioned.

Yesterday he calls and says he has been made to work all day Saturday. So that we would be able to hang out only Friday night from 7:30 on (when I arrive) and Saturday after work. So, you know, don't come.

I believe him about work. They are bastards. It does occur to me (credit to some trenchant observations of [livejournal.com profile] inlandsea's) that neither of us is showing much enthusiasm for the whole visit paradigm.

(climb Mt. Fuji, o snail, but slowly, slowly.)

He's canceled coming up here before. I put off getting the tickets because it all felt like a bit of a chore.

The more I think about it the more the writing is not only quite dense on every wall, but creeping onto the ceiling and floor.*

However, there is still the question of the nonrefundable, nontransferable, nonreturnable ticket.

I am torn. I could:

(1) Go to Seattle for the weekend by myself. I'm very fond of Seattle.**

(2) Find out if any of you wants to go to Seattle with me. The Clipper is an expensive but very convenient means of getting directly into downtown Seattle. (See below for logistics)***

(3) Eat the money and just stay home.****

Honestly, I was getting grumpy at the accumulation of neat things happening here this coming weekend that I wasn't going to be able to do. Now that my second paper's finished, I'm no longer irritated that everyone is feeling so sociable.***** There's Bee's mum's pottery show, and the movie on Sunday, and the other big craft fair, and oh sundry other quiet local pleasures. I kind of feel like enjoying what Home has to offer.

But it's not terribly lustful and bohemian of me, is it?

Advice? Thoughts?


*Clearly we should keep to phone sex. It's fun, there's no border to cross, and it's included in his cable package.

**Seattle vs. Tacoma is approximately the difference between visiting Victoria and visiting Vancouver, except that Tacoma is not pretty. Museumwise it's actually fairly comparable.


We'd need to book a hotel room and probably take a cab twice -- once from the terminal on Friday night and once to it on Sunday morning.

The ferry leaves Victoria at 4:30 pm on Friday and Seattle at 8 am on Sunday. We'd need to get there at least a half-hour early both times.

****The Mister says he'll pay for 1/2 the ticket, but he's really broke.

*****Why yes, I am a Difficult Person. Thanks for asking. Eff off.
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Hey from the Rainbow Centre in Tacoma. I guess that should be Center. We're just waiting for everyone else to show up to start setting up for the auction tomorrow. I am going to be carrying parts of a stage and apparently also co-carrying a refrigerator. I feel so butch.

The center is an awesome space, a former art gallery, long and narrow, with high white walls, massive track lighting (of course) and a big square window at the end letting in a remarkable amount of light for such a gloomy day. I like the window's proportions - off-centre/er of the wall. One of the many spaces I can imagine my bookstore/coffee shop fitting happily into.

Still, it will take some work to make it into a glamorous auction house. And of course doughnuts.


Tacoma II

Nov. 16th, 2006 05:59 pm
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was incredible. Except...

if you ever want to set me up with someone...


Don't take us bowling.

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In fact I am not talking about the election, although: relief. Pleasure. Vague glimmerings of something like is it no it can't be well it might be Hope. O Pandora.

I mean that my First Poll results are in. The Samhain ritual will be the Next Story Told.

...After I get back from Tacoma.



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