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Jan. 29th, 2016 11:15 am
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Friday night I spontaneously decided to go out and Do Things for no good reason. I did them on my own, because everyone was busy and also I have no friends.

First I saw Star Wars. It was fine -- not really more than fine. Enjoyable enough. I know Abrams is a fan, but I didn't find it more inspired than the Star Treks. Aesthetically closer, maybe.

Of course I liked that the female characters had more to do and say, but I have very few feelings about the whole thing. {ETA} Although it did do that thing where your perception is altered when you go out into the street, and everything looks like a movie.

I went in hungry, and my small popcorn didn't solve that, so next: food.

A pub recently opened up here that specialized in hot dogs, haircuts, and pinball. It is called Saint Frank's (or possibly Franks or Franks'). I went there next. To my sorrow, they'd had to shut down the pinball. The liquor inspector disallowed it. I love pinball.

I had a beer and a not very exciting hot dog (I didn't need a haircut.) (If fancy hot dogs are important to you, I recommend Cenote.)

Then, this being my adventurous night out, I went to the one still-extant gay bar in town. It was still only 8pm, so there were exactly three people there -- me, the bartender, and one sad, sad man with a moustache. A sad moustache.

Well, I say bartender -- guy behind the counter looked more like he was an investor who got roped into bar duty because the employees all quit or something.

ME: I heard the echo of an empty bar.
BARTENDER: You can come back later if you want.
ME: Um, no, I'd like a drink.
BARTENDER: What do you want?
ME: What do you have on tap?

So I had a bottled beer out of the cooler for seven dollars.

I fear the joint may have gone downhill, and I would not have said there was much more hill to be going down. I don't mean to criticize the efforts of the owners in keeping open a community space, but it's a hole. It's freezing. It's basically an unheated basement. The place looks like the inside of the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks, without so much red.

It wasn't very kind of me to say that about the empty bar. I meant to be funny. Also, it was true. There is a particular echo.

Anyway, I had a nice enough time. Mostly I just messaged people from the corner about what a hole it was, but that was pretty much what I'd have done if I stayed home, so I felt I came out ahead, even with the $7 beer.

There was a poster saying that there would be an amateur stripping competition at 9, but at 8:55 the total patronage had gone up to about ten, so I caught my bus instead.


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