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I wonder if the new Armistead Maupin book will help me get laid more.

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But I wore my TG dog tags today for the first time in ages.

Transgender day of remembrance

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Who took a shower in the men's change room at Hot Yoga?

About a million other insanely sweaty men. And me!

I've taken showers in my swim trunks at the Y, but never in proper shower attire. It was a real shower, too, not ten seconds of moist cowering.

Ride the self-esteem wave while it lasts, I say.

Third yoga class went excellently. By which I mean I did almost all of the postures, sort of. At one point the instructor came over because she was worried about me. "Are you suffering?" she asked. I wanted to say "Hey, you should have seen me last time." Instead I just squeaked something reassuring from underneath myself.

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So I got my doctor to switch my prescription over from intramuscular injection to topical gel.

Cut for injection talk )

He said something about a patch, but what it turns out to be is little silver foil packs of gel, about the size of the narrow lube packs you get in safer sex kits. You open it up and you smear that sucker on.

It's an alcohol gel, so it dries fairly quickly, but it leaves this powdery residue on your skin. Like Man Pollen.

The doctor phoned the order in to the drug store, and I went in to pick it up. I sat down across from the pharmacy assistant, who went over the Rules somewhat haphazardly with me.

"Does it matter where you put it?" I asked.
He struggled quietly for a moment. "Put it somewhere... dry and hairless."
"I understand." I said.


*That is several other stories.
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So Monday last.

I studied for a month leading up to the advising session with the grad studies advisor. I wanted to make it clear that I could do this work. I borrowed a heap of theory from Bee and [livejournal.com profile] stitchinmyside, much of which I have still not got through. I was working a lot of overtime through June, reducing my study time, which I found frustrating; but I did get some fairly key texts read -- key circa 1997, when everyone *else* did this, anyway.

On Monday before the consult, I sat down and wrote out my justification for my proposed eventual thesis topic. I wrote out my justification for my wildly uneven transcript. I brushed and flossed and shaved and wore Long Pants. I packed some essays *just in case* he wanted a writing sample, though I knew dimly that this was unlikely.

I arrived at the prof's office to find him working on a giant crossword puzzle poster in the hallway. He invited me into his office. He took my transcript from my treembling hand.

"You need a Shakespeare, a Victorian lit, a 20th Century survey, and a theory course."

"Anything else?"

"Not really."

And there you are.

My reactions:

1. But that's so straightforward.
2. What kind of standards do you people have, anyway? This isn't nearly elitist enough.
3. Don't you want to read my thesis?

I was too startled to say much of anything, however. I felt afterwards I should have tried harder to make an Impression, but unless my rakish, knowing smile charmed him, I fear he is as the untouched clay as far as the subject of Me is concerned.

I did find out that I'd done exactly the wrong thing in my statement of intent last time I applied, which: good to know.

The sweet in this is that he seems to be fairly upbeat about the idea of my getting into graduate school -- not on this round, but the next. He said (in the six other minutes of conversation) that if I applied this year, I would probably not get in because I wouldn't have finished the theory course, but that I would probably be asked to do a qualifying year and reapply the next year. So, he proposed, save the money this year and apply next year.

I have to get very good grades, you understand, but that seems like a much lesser problem.

Since I was unable to present my thesis to him, I thought perhaps you might like to read it.

Things I would have said if he had asked me: general thoughts on science fiction and transgendering )



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