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The basement suite gets a fair amount of turnover because it is a basement suite, and a particularly oddly constituted one, being composed of the leftovers of two suites combined when the landlords took over part of one of them for their own use – I think I have that right.

The current guy – my laundry buddy – was away in the summer, and a student – I think of computer science – was subletting. I’d meet the subletter out in public or on the bus and not be sure who he was, only that I recognized him. These days that usually means I’m speaking to a former student, which meant I greeted him with the wrong flavor of solicitude – how are you doing these days? Rather than how’s the basement.

I have a new fridge, because the old one died – this one was standing out in the rain for some weeks, but fridges appear to be sturdy creatures, and it works. It is two inches deeper than my last fridge, so it stands on a pair of narrow boards that jut out from the original platform. It’s not aesthetic, but it keeps my food cold. It is a very noisy fridge, but its particular note is less irritating than the previous one. This one sometimes starts up a bubbling liquid cascade that makes it sound like a giant aquarium.

This LJ is really just an archive – I don’t know why I keep topping it up.

Sometimes I check back with my local friends’ journals, but we’ve all moved on to more ephemeral (or at least harder to recover) social media. I went off to grad school, and by the time I got back the Internet had moved on.

It would be nice if we all had a talky place again, one conducive to thoughtful posts. The journal format is slow and a little bit clunky, but that seems to help with thinking things through a bit.

A big one for elegies, me. An elegy every moment and an extra one, for good measure, for the future, which will also be lost.

Mind you, I have started a possibly regular D&D game at my house, so there's that.

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Let's see, uh...

That, you know, is the beginning to the Laurie Anderson piece about the Garden of Eden and nameless Eve falling in love with the snake.

I feel like there are stories to tell, so many that I can't start.

So instead I will talk about school. )

I've made some sort of progress on my ungainly first paper. I started trying to do excessive research again (convincing myself that the history of the sociology of deviance will fit into a 2000 word paper), which is why on the whole it's good that I was kicked out of the library.

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One of the many excellent things about sharing a library with [livejournal.com profile] inlandsea is that she has a collection of vintage Dungeons & Dragons manuals, including a Deities & Demigods that still has the Nehwon, Melibone, and Cthulu mythos in it, before copyright caught up with the multiverse.

I remember as a youth being appalled that the D&D manual listed Loki as Chaotic Evil. I mean, okay, he lies, he steals, he causes the death of Pretty Boy Baldur, he hastens/hastened/will hasten Ragnarok. Still my loyalty was (is) unreasoning. And if I loved him, how could he be evil? (O that dangerous sleight of heart.) Chaotic, emphatically, the very embodiment of random energy -- which is generative as well as destructive. None of the other Aesir ever did anything remotely as sexy as turning into a mare and giving birth to Odin's eight-legged steed Sleipnir.

[livejournal.com profile] stitchinmyside, I think we are up for another use of the Word of the Minim: abject. Loki embodies abjection, and he's the only god who is made larger by being made ridiculous. Thor looked a fright in his wedding dress.

I think that's what I always liked about Prometheus, too. Chained to a rock. Tell me there isn't something ineluctably sexy about that.



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