Feb. 4th, 2017

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I don't just write lengthy opinions of books; I write lengthy opinions of perfume oils too, often when I really should be writing something else.

Yet there's something so pleasurably difficult about trying to summarize your sense impressions of something as elusive and under-reported-upon as scent.

I often think I'd like to write short stories in the form of reviews (or other formats I find myself using often), but these are just reviews.

Pognophobia (Fear of Beards) )

Salted Caramel Shortbread )

Socerophobia (Fear of Parents-in-Law) )

A new BPAL perfume oil is like a new poem to read, one in a language I only partly understand. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab was something I heard about on LiveJournal and coveted for years before I took an active role in smelling things with clever names. I keep promising myself I'll retire from buying any more -- save for old age and such instead -- but then the Halloween and Yule releases almost always ensnare me anew.

(Also posted at bpal.org)

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I saw the first cherry blossoms of 2017 yesterday. These clusters of bright pink, with their peppery scent, are my yearly marker of endurance. They signal the possibility of spring, hope, returning light, and not feeling dead inside. "We made it. We survived. Better times are coming": this is the yearly message of the ornamental cherry tree.

However, since I saw the blossoms during a snowstorm on the way to an anti-islamophobia vigil, the effect was somewhat blunted this year.

Turnout at the vigil was disappointing, but this is partly because it was the second vigil this week — the city held a brief gathering on Tuesday, and that one brought about 3000 people. This was maybe 10% of that at peak. I think it was organized by a very few people, though, acting quickly, and in that it was impressive. One of my former students played an honour song. His youth and enthusiasm, responsiveness and commitment -- that does lift my spirit. That might have to be my cherry blossoms this year.


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