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You could vote for the book!

From the publisher:

We just got word that Nobody's Father has been nominated in the favourite non-fiction category for Monday Magazine's 'M' Awards. People are able to vote online at www.mondaymag.com or by filling out the ballot form in the print magazine, so be sure to tell your family and friends to place their votes!

Winners will be announced in the April 2 issue, and at an awards gala on March 31.

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[livejournal.com profile] argus_in_tights wrote a delightful email to say he'd seen Nobody's Father on the ferry and read my essay in the gift shop. I'd forgotten people might actually see the book in stores.

There's something perfect about the book being on the ferry, since the ferry (or at least the lineup) is in the essay.

He called himself a "word thief" because he read the book in the shop instead of buying it. Being sneaky about books is a part of loving them. Reading is private, and reading in public is just slightly perverse.

As the ex-co-con discovered while reading the new Maupin, also on the ferry.


Book Launch

Sep. 5th, 2008 02:56 pm
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September 30th. Open Space Gallery (510 Fort St)

More information as it becomes available. I should be getting an e-invite soon (since it's already the 5th).

In other news:

Novel grows new tentacles before my eyes.

New course terrifying.

Haircut pending.



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